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Working with some of the best company's in the UK

Sealant experts based in County Durham,
offering mastic services to the commercial sector.

The commercial scene of mastic requirements vary from the housing sealant market.

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Here at Instaseal, the team are adept at completing commercial works to and beyond industry standards using quality product throughout.

We believe in doing the job to a high level and this often requires a higher quality product. A mastic man is only ever as good as his mastic. We know the best products and the very best equipment for installation.

We have worked on some very large projects where we can manage large workloads on a number of sites. Instaseal are renowned for their flexibility which can be an issue within the industry. Not us, we make it our aim to provide fast response and efficient installation times.

We follow up on all our work ensuring a 360 degree approach to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We are fully compliant in the use of access equipment to get to those hard to get to areas of commercial buildings. Our team are tenacious when it comes to getting the job done and will ensure we remain compliant at all times.

Our sealant application services for the commercial sector include:

  • Internal and external window frames

  • Internal and external door frames.

  • Sanitary & Kitchen Sealants.

  • Glass to glass.

  • Tile/wood to skirting joints.

  • Expansion joints.

  • Acoustic sound proofing.

  • Air test jointing.

  • Fire seal.

  • Lead work.

  • Sealing Floor saw cut joints.

  • Swimming pools.

  • Cut out and reseals.

Internal & External Precision Finishing

Instaseal seal of quality is our promise to you. Precision finishes on all projects large or small.

Saw Cuts and Concrete Floor Expansion Joints

Working with us from early in the projects can help us identify any joints that may cause issues later on. Cracked joints, which are often caused by movement, can be avoided with the correct product. We just happen to know how to apply it too.



We can apply A-Grade security sealant which is mainly used in prison and secure units. This mastic is strong and durable and requires skilled application.


Our robust product for bathrooms and kitchens come in a variety of colours to ensure a finish to match the installation. Our mastic installation team ensure a great finish to a fantastic product that creates a high quality appearance.

Window & Door Perimeters


Glass to Glass

Glass connections require a highly professional approach to sealant. With such a striking image a glass connection can provide, it is important to get this one right. Our sealant application team know how to install the right product in the right way.

If you have any questions before the project begins, we are on hand to provide consultation to ensure the job is completed right first time.


Food Safe & Clean Room Sealants

Instaseal understand the importance of meeting industry standards and are able to support you with decision making early on in a project. Our specialism in sealant can help future proof your projects in areas that require ultra clean areas such as medical and pharmaceutical premises. It is important to know the industry standards and the installations need to be fit for purpose. Our team are well rehearsed in knowing what is required and ensure the installation is carried out with precision and expertise.

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